4 Reasons why you (or your business) should partner with Innovent Software Offshore.


1. Innovent Software Offshore has a proven track record of assisting businesses optimize, enhance, support and maintain their existing business applications

Your business application contains much of your business IP. Well maintained and updated business applications improve your business efficiency as well enhance profitability by automating your processes. Innovent Software Offshore are experts in:


2. Innovent Software Offshore provides customized software development in relation to new applications

A business’s software application environment is never static. Old applications face limitations as the business changes or the volume of transactions increase. New applications are being developed every year. Many times those new applications need to be “tweaked” to meet your business needs. Even figuring out which of these new applications could be used in your business to maximise your competitive edge is a challenge! With over 12 years of custom software development experience across a wide variety of industries, Innovent Software Offshore can assist you to design the best, most integrated system for your business using the latest available technology. Our customers use us as:



3. Innovent Software Offshore has the project management skills to deliver projects across the entire software life cycle (including design, development, testing and implementation), and to do so on time and on budget

Let’s face it: so many software design and implementation projects come off the rails due to poor project management skills. Inevitably this leads to delays in project delivery and cost overruns. Sometimes you end up wondering why you agreed to start the project! Innovent Software Offshore have an established Sydney-based software development team. We deliver our projects faster, more productively and at higher value, all because we have:


4. Innovent Software Offshore has the unique ability to combine its high value on-shore account and project managers with its highly efficient and low-cost off-shore talent team to produce and outcome which is cheaper for you, but with none of the usual hassles of dealing with off-shore consultants.

Innovent Software Offshore has been operating from its Sydney base for the past 10 years, delivering quality outcomes for growing businesses throughout Australia. Our office’s in Manila and Cebu City, Philippines, provides us with access to a large pool of talented software programmers (300 plus) at significantly lower costs than is available in Australia. By combining these two resources, you get the best of both worlds: a local account representative who knows you and your business needs, local project managers who ensure every project is delivered on-time and on-budget, and a lower ultimate cost to you through accessing our offshore talent pool. Our commitment is bases on:


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